Vlissingen Fish Auction

Attractive auction due to central location

The Fish Auction in Vlissingen is one of the auctions in Zeeland. But more than just an auction. Due to the central location on the Southern North Sea it is close to the Belgian and French wet fish markets, as well as to the wet fish and bulk markets (fillet and frozen) in the Netherlands. The Zeeland Fish Auction is attractive for you as a fisherman and for you as a merchant, as well as the presence of many local retailers and wholesalers.

Vlissingen Fish Auction
Binnenhaven 11

4382 NT Vlissingen (The Netherlands)

T: +31(0)118 - 46 84 64
F: +31(0)118 - 46 65 79

E: info@zeeuwsevisveiling.nl

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