The future

The Fish Auction
How will it look later on?

As long as we continue eating fish, fishermen and consumer will seek mutual contact. The Fish Auction is an important link, between the fisherman on one hand and the fish merchant on the other. On what scale this process will continue, is difficult to say. Due to a declining state of fish and the corresponding necessary restrictive measures it is becoming ever more difficult to keep the fish trade profitable. Fortunately, Zeeuwse Visveilingen BV succeeds well in maintaining itself nationally and internationally.
But Zeeuwse Visveilingen BV is also an innovative business, with a forwardlooking outlook. Our main activity is and remains auctioning fish. Yet we are also looking at what side activities we would be able to develop.

•    conducted tours round the fish auctions
•    organize wet fish markets, aimed at breeding fish or other aquaculture products
•    organize other tourist activities around themes such as Natural Environment, Health and Food
•    receive and give information to pupils and students

Whilst the activities in the tourist sector are still in the future, we have already started the last-mentioned item. Good information on this website, in the Education Centre. Here pupils from primary as well as secondary school can find all the information for a good project about the fishing industry.

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