The people of Walcheren

The people of Walcheren: A Dynamic People

From time immemorial the inhabitants of Vlissingen and certainly Arnemuiden also have been closely connected to the sea. Not surprising that we find here one of the largest fish auctions in the Netherlands. With an annual turnover of 27 milion euros, a fleet of 12 cutters and 3 Euro-cutters, 6 permanent co-workers and an average of about 40 sorters at work, the Vlissingen Fish Auction is a business with a sound range.

The plus points of Vlissingen Fish Auction as supply and transport point for your fish:
• Good infrastructure, both on land and at sea
• Auction participation on site or via Electronic Auction System
• 12 loading tunnels with temperature regulation
• Capacity up to 300 tons of fish per day
• Very modern fleet, supplying the dearer species of fish such as sole and turbot

Auction day:
Friday: from 07.00 hours

Vlissingen Fish Auction
Binnenhaven 11
4382 NT Vlissingen

T: 0118 46 84 64
F: 0118 46 65 79

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