The Auction

Offers you as supplier:

    * Very good price setting for all species of fish;
    * Unlimited, rapid access from the harbour to a depth of 6 metres;
    * Very quick, guaranteed payment;
    * Personal contact due to being small scale;
    * Every supplier gets more attention; bear in mind here:
      - better monitoring and inspection of the fish that arrives,
      - arranging transport from and to the ship (in other harbours),
      - arranging berths, repairs and maintenance, and
      - more specific requirements of the supplier.

Offers you as trade (purchase):

    * Possibility of taking part in the eletronic auction system
       via your own PC with access to the wet fish and fillet market;
    * Daily sale of various species of good quality fish;
    * Sufficient retail traders /wholesalers;
    * Commission agents for when you yourself have no time to buy;
    * Regular transport throughout Europe.

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